The Macedonian Tragedy

Mon 18th – Tue 19th Jun 2012


“"Mark you my words; the blood you swim in is my afterbirth"”





King's College Drama Society


"Mark you my words; the blood you swim in is my afterbirth"

336 BC: Philip II, King of Macedon, has a new wife. And a new lover. Blinded by lust he lets his kingdom fall down around him, enraging his son Alexander - the man known to history as Alexander the Great - with bloody consequences.

Thomas Moodie, a dark and eccentric new mind on the Cambridge theatre scene, has written for his debut a mock Jacobean tragedy which promises to be a spectacular theatrical event. Blood, fire, sex, rhetoric and revenge; this monstrous creation will be unlike anything you've ever seen.

Admission: £6

King's College Fellows Garden

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