Yellow Moon: The Ballad of Leila and Lee

Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2011


“‘Stag’ Lee Macalinden and ‘Silent’ Leila Suleiman are on the run from the law”





In Short Productions


Yellow Moon’ is a modern day Bonnie and Clyde story, set in the Scottish Highlands, where ‘Stag’ Lee Macalinden and ‘Silent’ Leila Suleiman are on the run from the law. They never meant to get mixed up in a murder. But shit happens and now they need a place to hide.

Silent Leila likes Heat magazine; she likes to escape into the glossy pages of OK, Now, More and Closer, as if she’s part of that shiny world of fancy cars, money and celebrity. Really though, she’s just Silent Leila. Stag Lee wonders why she doesn’t speak. Leila thinks that Stag Lee is exciting, dangerous and different... Lee Macalinden is the deadest of kids in a dead end town. His mum, Jenny, spends a lot of time locked in her room listening to an old A-Ha cassette tape, with a bottle of vodka and a carton of cigarettes.

‘Yellow Moon’ follows the fortunes of Leila and Lee on their journey to Blackwaterside in the Highlands, and depicts their often humorous, also darkly tragic, situation. Told through narration, dialogue and the occasional bit of beat poetry, ‘Yellow Moon’ combines naturalistic acting that honestly portrays their adolescent relationship, with upbeat and highly comic narration, all accompanied by the beautiful original score composed and performed by live musicians. The play is poetic and lyrical yet also frank, honest and heartwarming. The dynamic and detailed acting set against the DIY aesthetic of the set, humorously juxtaposed by the narrators’ interjections strikes a perfect balance . ‘Yellow Moon’ is a play for everybody.

In Short Productions was founded in 2010 by Bristol University students with a passion for honest, effective and moving storytelling of all genres. The company places emphasis on developing innovative and exciting methods of performance that can be enjoyed by a variety of audiences. The company received critical acclaim with their production of modern musical ‘Edges’ by Pasek and Paul at last year’s Fringe Festival, and won an Editor’s Choice Award from Three Weeks fringe publication. The production also received 5 star reviews from the likes of Broadway Baby and others. This year the company returns to the Fringe with two productions - ‘Yellow Moon’ by David Greig, fresh from the success of a sell-out Bristol run; and the premiere of ‘Homemade Fusion’, a new musical by Kooman and Dimond. In Short Productions has something for everyone with their two offerings this year, and are set to take the Fringe by storm.

Admission: £8.50(£7.50) – £10.50(£9.50)

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