The Gondoliers on Gondolas

Thu 20th Jun 2013


“The Gondoliers on Gondolas for May Week 2013”





Gilbert and Sullivan Society


Following the success of HMS Pinafore on Punts in May Week 2011, The Cambridge Gilbert and Sullivan Society are pleased to announce 'The Gondoliers on Gondolas' for May Week 2013.

In sunny Venice, the Palmieri brothers lead a charmed life. As Gondoliers, they hold mastery over the city's canals and the hearts of the local girls. But the arrival of the Spanish aristocracy (not to mention, the Grand Inquisitor) presents a royal revelation and a serious identity crisis to the Gondolieri and their brides - how will they solve this case unprecedented? With romance, political satire, roses white and roses red, 'The Gondoliers' performed ON GONDOLAS on the river Cam will be a May Week show to remember. Of that there is no manner of doubt, no possible doubt whatever


St John's College Waterfront

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