Funny Girl

Tue 12th – Sat 16th Nov 2013


“'In all of the world so far, I’m the greatest star.’”





Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society


That may have been the case in 1964, but now it’s 2013 and if Fanny Brice is ‘a great big clump of talent’, she’s one of thousands. Her dreams might get her to the audition, but even a rousing rendition of 'Don't Rain On My Parade' might not be enough to keep her in all the way through to the final round.

This November, Funny Girl is re-imagined for the ADC theatre, bringing all the class and exhilaration of the original Tony-nominated musical and Academy Award-winning film right into the 21st century. Poignant, fierce and with a brilliant score full of show-stopping numbers, Funny Girl takes a look at what being a star is in a world where everyone thinks they have the X-factor.

Admission: £12(£10)

ADC Theatre

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