Tue 9th – Sat 13th May 2017


“They've forgotten when they were young. And the way they yearned to be free”





Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club


"They've forgotten when they were young.

And the way they yearned to be free

All they say is the young generation

Is not what they used to be."

Dean Street. Soho. 1958.

The Atlantic club is the heart of seedy, claustrophobic, dirty, drug infested, pill-popping clubbing. Fevers are running high as a gang of misfits sweat it out over the kidnapping of Silver Johnny, a rock star on the road to stardom. Then, when their manager is brutally murdered, the club is placed under siege.

Behind the doors of Ezra’s Atlantic, the visceral dialogue and destructive wit of the characters creates an atmosphere of anarchy and despair.

Butterworth’s blackly comic masterpiece explores dynamics of power, gender and personality. This is a play about damaged people who live life recklessly and without purpose, yet when their world comes crashing down they must come to terms with their loneliness, insecurity and the emotions they’ve been repressing for years.

“You won’t find much better ensemble acting than this, nor a play that so effectively punches the pretentions of a hermetic gangland culture.”

Our production of MOJO will be created entirely by an ENSEMBLE of actors and production crew, working alongside associate directors. We will discover the play together, as a collective, through a fun and intense process of collaborative ensemble work. All actors will be required to attend all rehearsals and production crew will also be brought on board throughout the process.

Admission: £12(£9)

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