Tue 17th – Sat 21st Oct 2017


“What would you do if the look on some guy’s face told you that being young was as good as it ever gets?”





The Heywood Society


Exams are over and the real world awaits but first, one last party.

Five chairs, four boys – countless mistakes.

At the dawn of graduation, Benny, Cam, Timp and Mack are confronted with the uncomfortable reality of their dissipating youth and freedom. Laura and Sophie are struggling with the paradoxical desire to grow up yet circumvent responsibility. Faced with an unfamiliar kind of time pressure, they must decide whether to resist or embrace a world that doesn’t seem to want or need them.

Drugs and denial provide the only comfort to all the real and imagined menace, that linger beyond the window of their clustered, Edinburgh flat. Within sight but safely out of reach.

The temperature rises, the rubbish starts to pile and the emotional cocktail of responsibility, frustration and guilt tips over.

Funny and bleak in equal measure, Ella Hickson’s Boys offers an honest glimpse into the joys and tribulations of being young. Packed with emotional depth, it probes and challenges masculine conventions to ask, what happens when the party is over?

Admission: £9(£13)

ADC Theatre

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