The Bloody Chamber

Wed 24th – Sat 27th Oct 2012


“If you thought you knew the story of Bluebeard, think again....”





Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club (CUADC)


In the salons of Paris, an anonymous young girl plays the piano for the wealthy elites. She encounters the exotic and mesmerizing Marquis, a man of the world, with a mysterious past. He offers her the key to a thrilling future. He proposes and takes his virgin to a castle on the sea for their honeymoon. When he disappears after their wedding night, leaving the girl alone - save for the housekeeper, and a blind piano-tuner - he entrusts her with the keys to every room in the house. One door alone is forbidden, but the temptation of a tiny key may prove too much.

Prepare yourself for Bryony Lavery's chilling adaptation of Angela Carter's reforged fairy tale. In the Chamber, language, film and all the senses entwine to form a narrative that will both terrify and excite you. Be drawn by the scent of lilies into a world of sex and captivity, where the dynamics of power - and the powers of lust - are the key.

If you thought you knew the story of Bluebeard, think again....

Admission: £5 – £6

ADC Theatre

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