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Hello,salut!haai!barev!namaskar!MAMBO!hallo!aloha!yoh wah gwaan!ahn nyeong ha se yo !heisann! hola!xin chào !E karo! Welcome to the Cambridge Theatre Review page for the West Indian poetess and playwright Krystal Volney who was born on the island of Trinidad. Her favourite novels as a child were the Nancy Drew files, the Babysitter's club and the famous five. The poetess and playwright started writing both female and male poetry in categories such as fashion, romance, the environment and children's poetry in the year late 2010. (Cosmos and Spheres poetry book: Best-selling Ebook) The poetess views humans as both monarch and emperor butterflies because of the transformation from an egg into a butterfly showcasing the metamorphosis as various stages of one's experiences throughout life. Her analysis states that as a result of the prodigious difference between each human being in the global society, experiences differ and some persons mature into butterflies while some remain at a particular stage permanently at various points in their longevity. The contemporary poetess's character is floral. In the 21st century, this meant that one consisted of many petals and each petal told a different story of who she was. She saw lily and hibiscus flowers as demonstrating what it meant to be a woman and a lady. Some of her influences have been Mozart, Van Gogh, Emily Dickinson and Claude Monet. She is currently writing her second poetry book for 2012. Other upcoming works- book of plays. The author is also a fellow of the Society for Mathematical Biology with interest in areas of : Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Morphology, Ecology, Neurobiology, Population Biology and Systems Biology.

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