Tue 18th October 2011


Stephanie Le Lievre

at 01:51 on 19th Oct 2011



Make no mistakes about it, tonight was FUN. Cadenza and CB3 put on a fantastic, somewhat cheesy, yet ultimately wonderfully enjoyable musical spectacle. Although it wasn’t quite the night where two became one, these two crowd pleasers made for a complimentary pair. It was one for a night out with the girls, complete with whooping, giggling, whistling, and a fair dose of jealousy.

If you’ve seen Cadenza before, you’d recognize their smooth, slick, but somewhat predictable opening number - ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. It seemed as though it would be a night of Cadenza ‘classics’ and as they moved into ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ the audience was tricked into thinking ‘here we go - we’ll appreciate the nice music, but we’ve seen it all before'. What Cadenza did, in fact, was to throw in a melting pot of a mash-up with everything from ‘Take on Me’ to ‘Sk8er Boi’ and a raunchy snippet of Denver’s ‘Take me Home’. And they begun as they meant to go on, lulling you into a sense of musical safety and surprising you with some truly original and at times spine-tingling arrangements (‘Fields of Gold’ was especially memorable).

In terms of physical performance, you can’t say Cadenza don’t go for it. At times over-exuberant, their facial expressions and movement sequences are entertaining, to say the least. Occasionally, it seemed slightly over-done, and the humor distracted from the musical performance. Some of the newer members of the group looked a little wet behind the ears, and gave off a nervous, yet endearing, first-day-at-school impression. Although in general less sure of themselves, they showed promise and a range of impressive vocal talents and a few rising stars were identifiable in their midst.

And so, CB3 took to the stage... and boy, were they looking good! It was overtly attention-seeking, in the way any good girl band should be, and their shimmering, hair-flicking, impossibly-short-skirted performance of ‘Sway’ made for a raucous introduction. So dazzling was the natural front-woman that it took a while to notice the talented band behind her, and, to be quite honest, made it quite difficult to ever take your eyes off her! What a contrast to Cadenza, who politely (and quite-rightly, judging by the voices displayed) let each have their moment in the spotlight.

CB3’s entertaining array of good fun girl band classics had the audience tapping their feet and grinning away, making us forgive them for at times looking a little lost or exposing some shaky tuning.

You couldn’t help noticing, though, that however talented these girls are individually, there were moments when it seemed as if they shouldn’t be singing together; raunchy, jazzy, sexy voices seeming sometimes out of place when combined with their angelic, more classically-suited counterparts. Having said that, there is no doubt that they and the audience were having a good time. You want these girls at your wedding, your birthday party, your may ball...somewhere where a few drinks will take the edge off the odd slip up and you can lose yourself in the glamour, the exuberance and, well, the sheer fun of it all.


Sophie Dundovic

at 14:49 on 19th Oct 2011



The new recruits of Cambridge’s premier a cappella group, Cadenza, provided the audience with an enthusiastic and enjoyable performance on Tuesday night. For the group’s debut performance, only a week after auditions were held, the efforts of the fresh talent were highly commendable.

The show kicked off with a rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. The lead would have benefited by being a little more confident in his capabilities and asserting a stronger presence, nonetheless the group put on a good show and it was clear they were all delighted to be on stage together.

Next an energetic adaptation of the Four Chords Song delighted the audience. Sandwiched between Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, the much loved ‘Take on me’, Mika’s ‘Happy Ending’ and Avril Lavigne’s ‘Sk8er Boi’, were well executed and proved very popular. One of the strengths of the performers was their ability to create a light hearted atmosphere and evoke a sense of excitement and appreciation from the crowd. Despite limited rehearsal time it was clear that the group had a good dynamic and worked well together. They easily achieved laughs from the audience when desired and impressed with some improvised beat boxing. This was perhaps the highlight of the show, timing was impeccable and the energy of the group shone through.

There is certainly potential for Cadenza to replicate last year’s success, the group were crowned 2011 UK University A Cappella Champions, however they will need to put a little more confidence into their performances. Overall Cadenza at the ADC was a very enjoyable event executed by an immensely talented group of individuals.


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