Tue 13th – Sat 24th March 2012


Jan Freyberg

at 15:22 on 16th Mar 2012



Footloose was really, really good. Being a fan of musicals, I had high hopes for last night. And the standard of the show was absolutely up to it.

As the story of Ren, a boy who decides to bring dancing back to a town where all things fun were banned, Footloose lends itself to an upbeat evening.

The first nod of the night for me went to the set - not only was the set incredibly well thought through, but the attention to detail was impressive. Huge scenery was constructed only to appear once, and the detail in each of them was beautiful. Ranging from mobile reversible constructions to backlit gauzes with cast shadows, it looked exactly as it should have.

Next, as a musical, it delivered on all the musical bits. The band - which unfortunately was hidden behind the backdrop until the very last scene - did an excellent job. But what I personally enjoyed most was the choreography. Jess O'Driscoll-Breen did an amazing job at making use of the talent that was on stage. Songs like 'I need a hero' (a fave of mine) were done nicely, and scenes in which Ren was illustrating the 'oppression' of the town made for great cooperation between the background music and the dance in the foreground.

Having scored highly on all bits that a musical needs to score in, it was impressive how the balance between (admittedly cringe, but it didn't come unexpected) plotwork and comic relief was done very well. In particular, Lucie Shorthouse provided welcome hilarity.

Ultimately, everyones expectations for this year's lent term musical were high. And judging from the murmur in the adc bar, and the audience response, they were absolutely met.


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