Dystopia: The Musical (A Sketch Show)

Tue 29th April – Sat 3rd May 2014


Nicola Papastavrou Brooks

at 09:30 on 30th Apr 2014



This show was light hearted and laugh out loud funny. I would thoroughly recommend escaping the library for a few hours to go and see it. Don’t worry about it being uncomfortable or awkward, it’s fine for people who don’t like crude humour - it’s just silly jokes and short pieces of acting delivered through a sequence of short sketches about, well, just about anything really. The main point seemed to be “why worry about future disaster whilst society is running smoothly?” (but in an ironic way, in case you didn’t get that...)

I wouldn’t want to give the impression that this was serious. Let’s be clear on that. It was funny, silly, and stupidly punny sometimes. None of the sketches were longer than a couple of minutes, there was no over-arching plot line. It is what it says on the tin. All the jokes were brilliantly backed up by Guy Emanuel wearing rabbit ears and playing the piano. The songs were more of afterthought, this couldn’t be classed as a musical, but they did add a bit of colour and continuity. The concept of a musical sketch show makes Dystopia stand out from other Cambridge comedy, and seems like the cast could go somewhere with this.

Other than the piano, the cast worked as a single unit. It would be fair to say none of them really stood out alone, because easily the best sketches were the ones which involved groups of them more or less equally. They were very convincing, and could make the audience feel a little bit sorry for characters which were only developed in about thirty seconds! Occasionally jookes would fall a bit flat, but the advantage of a sketch show is that it just picks up again at the next sketch and no one remembers. However the sketches which were funny definitely stick in your mind.

This show is not for those who want thought provoking comedic drama. It has brilliant moments with the gaps filled in by giggles.

It’s simply a funny sketch show. That’s all. Go and see it.


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