Footlights Presents: Dumpf

Wed 19th – Sat 22nd February 2014


Lauren Hutchinson

at 12:27 on 20th Feb 2014



If you're looking for a night of frivolous fun and light hearted merry making, look no further than this weeks ADC late show. The four charismatic comedians that make up 'Dumpf' dart on and off stage with seasoned professionalism, easing seamlessly from one ridiculous eventuality to the next. The audience are drawn into wildly imagined scenarios (think Queen Liz snap chatting the Dali Lama) and serenaded with catchy melodies I was humming along to in no time. A couple of the numbers were the kind of parody-esque tune you could imagine becoming overnight viral sensations. The finale 'Being Severus Snape' was particularly stand out for this, though the joke may be slightly lost on you if you're not a seasoned potterhead.

In terms of writing, the show was clever and tongue in cheek enough to keep the Cambridge crowd engaged, without being self righteous or over reaching. These qualities were demonstrated perfectly in an open mic sketch starring political philosophers and an outrageously witty reading from David Attenborough's 'Autobiography', performed with wonderful energy by Adrian Gray. Other highlights include the boys attempting an aerobics class and the terrifically inexplicable road safety marmoset harbouring a violent disenchantment for men of all kinds. And of course, Tom Fraser's deadpan delivery never fails to get the audience going.

All in all Dumpf is nothing groundbreaking to write home about but it is a solid hour's worth of consistently amusing hijinks with moments of real hilarity- everything you want from a footlights late show.


Elizabeth Crowdy

at 16:12 on 20th Feb 2014



Two of my most memorable experiences after arriving at Cambridge for Michaelmas term were seeing Canada and the Footlights panto. This considered, I had high expectations of Dümpf, and it lived up to the surreal and varied performances witnessed in my first term.

This show took great pains to maintain the interest of the audience, and had good success. The wide range of sketches created humour for everyone, and though I found some funnier than others, I could tell by the reaction of the audience that they were appealing to different types of humour, a valuable thing in any comedy show. I particularly enjoyed the limbo sketch, as well as the presentation efforts of Archie Henderson and Adrian Gray, which gave a coherence to the general narrative and provided variety through their stand up style.

The use of music also improved the show. I always find live music adds to any show, and I enjoyed the song sketches thoroughly. They served to break up the purely verbal/conversational sketches, which can sometimes become overwhelming in comedy. There were a few teething problems with the technical side of the show, with a projection malfunction and a mistake with a sound cue. However, this did not affect the show greatly, mainly due to the ability of the comedians to improvise over technical issues and make them part of the show. It was dealt with well, and hopefully this will improve in the next few nights as the show gets into its stride.

There were many modern cultural and political issues that were raised throughout the show. This could have raised contentious issues, yet I felt the matters in question were delicately treated, and given a light-hearted tone that did not cause any offence. Despite coming from a German background, I enjoyed the mockery of a German date as it played with stereotypes without any implied seriousness, and gave a general impression of an awkward date that may resonate with any future audience members who participated in the RAG blind date last week…

This show was definitely an experience to be recommended. Footlights have once again excelled themselves in producing fresh, original comedy for a student audience, mixing political issues with pure silliness with excellent effect.


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