Laugh You Long Time

Fri 20th – Sat 21st November 2015


Elizabeth Crowdy

at 01:33 on 21st Nov 2015



In the cosy (if alcohol fuelled) Girton environment of the Stanley Library, Laugh You Long Time was well received by a good audience turn out.

A large disadvantage of sitting on one of the back rows was the lack of clear visibility of the stage. Only the front couple of rows could clearly see the action, unfortunate as many of the sketches involved the performers sitting or lying down, obscuring them from the view of those of us further back. The intimate atmosphere of the Stanley library was a positive, but did not work to show off the skill of the comedy.

The sketches, written and performed by Enrico Hallworth, Adam Woolf, Ruari Bride, Jasmin Rees, Dom McGough and Rufus McAlister were, on the whole, of excellent quality. Clever word play is employed to keep the audience engaged, especially pleasing for an English student. A series of sketches punning on popular television series was great, and kept me wondering what would be next in the sequence. The acting was well done, with some excellent facial expressions, and sensitivity to what was happening, leading to some well-placed improvisation.

With regard to the writing, the content was largely innovative and excellent, with a glorious bizarreness throughout. A couple of French-based sketches were well pulled off, gave further continuity to the performance, and allowed the performers to showcase their excellent cabaret dancing. Enrico Hallworth’s depiction of an Italian barista/coffee machine also stood out. A musical number was effective in adding variety, and Bride and Hallworth’s ‘consent song’ was a hilarious and relevant piece of composition which I hope will be used by the 2016 Fresher’s Committee. An early sketch that rotated around Napoleon’s penis worked surprisingly well: evidently penis humour is timeless.

There were some lulls in comedy gold: the inclusion of a few one liners probably older than Girton was underwhelming, and some sketches were so short they seemed to be over before they had really begun. There was a lot of corpsing, which spoiled a few comic moments, and some of the sketches were questionable: the inclusion of black humour about a blind woman was on the wrong side of dark for my comic taste. The screams of Jasmin Rees were convincing – credit to her acting ability, but it became uncomfortable.

Audience participation was an especially fun part of the show, with a member of the front row being warned of her participation in the final sketch at the start of the show. This was superbly executed when it came around, with all of the performers interacting with the new addition to the stage, to the great enjoyment of her friends.

All in all, Laugh You Long Time is a hilarious piece of new student writing: the surreality of much of the material makes for an entertaining evening. Worth the pedal!


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