Open Slather

Mon 23rd November 2015


Emma Ansell

at 00:02 on 24th Nov 2015



Open Slather delivered intelligent, laugh-out-loud comedy. Honestly, it was probably the best comedy I have ever seen in Cambridge. There wasn't a single weak link in the line-up. I'm not going to ruin any of the punch-lines, or give too much away about the content of the show, but I'd like to stress how wonderful this evening's entertainment really was.

Callie Vandewiele started the whole affair with aplomb. She was confident, relatable, and judged her audience well. She was an excellent choice for the first act, and easily got the audience into the mood for easy laughter which endured throughout the show.

Sameer Khan delivered a well built story line surrounding build-a-bear. After milking the topic for all it was worth (in a good way – there was a lot of 'worth' in there), he quickly delivered punchline after punchline. I was tearing up with laughter when the lights went down. I'd like to specifically praise Sameer's flair for topical dance moves.

Miz Hashimoto was potentially a little bit nervous at the very start of her set, but warmed up quickly. Her set went full-cycle, neatly resolving the story-line to the appreciation of the audience. She was at her best when deploying self-referential humour, and ultimately went down a storm.

Scott Limbrick is clearly an incredibly talented comedian. He elicited spontaneous applause from the audience not once, but thrice. His jokes were broad, topical, and clever. Scott is a natural, and his delivery was spot-on.

Chris Waugh introduced an 'awkward' element to the comedy. He mercilessly mocked misogyny and delivered a hilarious, cohesive narrative while taking the time to masterfully engage in humorous tangents.

I am so glad that I got the chance to see Open Slather, and if you ever get the chance to see any of these comedians perform, you should take it. They are all pretty damn great. I still have no idea what 'Open Slather' means though.


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