ETG 2015: Twelfth Night

Tue 12th – Sat 16th January 2016


Amelia Guinee

at 23:18 on 12th Jan 2016



Brilliantly executed production. The show started relatively slowly and I was unsure if I was going to enjoy the play. However, the show was light hearted and intriguing, with the cast very much in character and the performance at a amazing standard throughout.

The play tells a story of two twins that have been washed ashore and believe each other dead. The female twin serves a wealthy man in the town whilst acting as a man. A love triangle is formed between herself, her master and the lady whose hand the master wishes to gain.

There were a few blunders within the dance routines at the beginning but none that were obvious. The beginning of the second half didn't seem well thought out and there was a short period of time where the actress appeared to be waiting for the audience to settle. However, due to the lack of mistakes I would rate this play as fantastic.

The acting skills in this production were well above my expectations and I was particularly impressed by the powerful and beautiful singing voice from Rosanna Suppa as the fool. A great production that I would recommend.


Samuel Wright

at 23:40 on 12th Jan 2016



A strong performance from the start that succeeded in capturing and maintaining the attention of the audience and providing many welcome laughs along the way!

Twelfth Night depicts a complicated love triangle between Duke Orsino, Countess Olivia and Viola, a twin girl who survives a shipwreck and decides to work for the Duke disguised as a man in the image of her lost brother Sebastian.

This rendition of Twelfth Night was executed well with particularly strong performances from Feste (the fool), Viola/Cesario and Duke Orsino. The singing ability of Rosanna Suppa as Feste was particularly excellent.

The comedy element in this rendition was well thought through, and scene changes were surprisingly enjoyable. Zak Ghazi-Torbati as Sir Toby and Megan Gilbert as Maria worked well together to create natural laughter in the audience.

Overall, a great show and one I would certainly recommend that people see whilst they still have the chance.


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