Murder On The Disorient Express

Thu 14th – Fri 15th January 2016


Samuel Wright

at 09:21 on 15th Jan 2016



Murder on the Disorient Express: A Murder Mystery Sketch Show is a piece of new comedy writing currently being performed at the ADC. With a talented cast of performer/writers (Rufus McAlister, Isa Bonachera, Enrico Hallworth, Ruari Bride, Jasmin Rees and Calum Maney), this is an easy-going, easy-to-watch show full of easy laughs.

After one of their fellow performers is found murdered, the remaining comedians decide to go on with the show despite the difficulties caused by the murder, using audience members at times to stand in for the missing person. Audience participation may not be everyone's cup of tea, but in worked well in Murder on the Disorient Express.

After a what felt like a slightly awkward, or ropey start, Murder On The Disorient Express soon relaxed into an entertaining, funny and well-thought out sketch show, which was well received by the audience.

Some of the sketches really stood out as hilarious gems amidst the rest. I especially enjoyed the year to nativity and, to avoid spoilers, TMNT! However, there were also sketches which I felt didn't quite work as well, but the ensemble as as whole was cohesive.

Overall, Murder on the Disorient Express is a light-hearted production. It may be an amateur performance but it provides a much appreciated evening of entertainment!


Amelia Guinee

at 09:41 on 15th Jan 2016



Murder on the Disorient Express, directed by Jake Morris, is a very relaxed and hilariously funny sketch show that successfully captivated the audience for the whole hour. At no point did I catch anyone looking at their watch!

The show is based around the murder of one of the cast members. After a short eulogy the cast decide to get on with the show but all the time are aware that the 'murderer' must be in the room. There is a good level of audience participation in the show and the ending was not expected.

The sketches were well thought out and extremely entertaining. As with much sketch comedy, explaining jokes in reviews doesn't often capture the humour or do justice to the experience as a whole. However, rest assured that the show was light-hearted, easy to watch, and I would highly recommend going down to the ADC to see it while you have the chance!

As a small criticism, I thought that the show started a bit slowly and at times seemed to be a little disjointed. This was mainly due to some very minor imperfections that could easily be altered in order to give the show a far more professional feel. For example, I wasn't completely convinced by the timings involved in the sequenced movements, and sometimes the cast had their backs to the audience while speaking. However, Murder On the Disorient Express picked itself up extremely quickly, and became an absorbing piece of theatre.

Overall, this is an entertaining sketch show and well worth seeing for an evening's entertainment.


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