God of Carnarge

Tue 10th – Sat 14th May 2016


isla phillips

at 01:26 on 12th May 2016



God of Carnage is a fantastically fun play, and the perfect antidote to week 3 of exam term, and I would highly recommend going to see this show.

Acting ability is something that Reza’s play particularly relies upon and the Corpus Late Show did not disappoint. The four actors had great chemistry together and it was transferred into the humour of the play. The opening night consistently received well-deserved laughs from the audience - the actors had great comic timing as individuals but also as a cohesive unit. It was great to see everyone so settled into their roles.

Moreover the set and costume design provided a solid base for the characterisation to be built upon, for example I particularly liked the top-knots of Michael and Veronica as a way of trying to flag their liberalism in contrast to Alan and Annette’s more business-like costume style. Furthermore the realistic use of props, such as eating grapes, drinking on stage and a seamless vomit scene, helped create the naturalism that was obviously intended for this production. Overall this rendering of the play was believable and kept the audience engaged from start to finish. The fact the actors were able to balance the absurdity and humour of the play in a way that made this possible was impressive.

One of the notable aspects of the performance was the dynamism on stage. The use of space meant that the faithful delivery of the script was reinforced as movement started with subtle shifts from sofa to sofa as allegiances changed, then increased to more active movement around the set and finally climaxed with each character having a chance to throw a prop. The actors displayed their ability to further reinforce such escalation by their naturalistic style of acting that intensified slightly towards melodrama as the play progressed and the characters became more irate.


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