Bedroom Farce

Tue 23rd – Sat 27th May 2017


Clare Cavenagh

at 18:28 on 24th May 2017



Bedroom farce made for an odd combination of feelings on Tuesday night. On the one hand, it was delightful to be out of college and being diverted by a highly entertaining, and very funny, show. On the other hand, every time someone got into one of the three beds onstage, I felt jealous. This feeling diminished as the show went on and all three beds became fraught spaces filled with conflict, misunderstanding, and in one case, fish. Regardless of how it'll make you feel about your own bed, Bedroom Farce is a fun show which will take your mind off revision and give you more than a few good laughs.

The show revolves around the events in three bedrooms which are connected socially, though not physically, and this required a special kind of set. James Ireland delivered on this with an excellent design, using colours and levels to differentiate the bedrooms. The set worked very well for the audience, care was even taken to angle the bed in the room on the higher level to make its occupants easier to see.

The cast were also very strong. Hollie Witton and John Tothill were wonderful as Kate and Malcolm, perhaps the nicest couple of the four. Witton in particular brought a great deal of warmth to the show, even as the action began its decent into chaos and acrimony. Kim Alexander was excellent as Delia, the craftily doddering, and quite glamorous, mother-in-law who occupied the upstairs bedroom, and Colin Rothwell was loudly and constantly aghast and angry as injured and bed-bound Nick. Rothwell was an audience favourite in spite of (or because of) the fact that a number of his scenes consisted solely of moaning or anguished cries of horror. Orlando Gibbs did an excellent job as 'destroyer' and all-round screw-up Trevor. I strongly suspect Gibbs of having lost his costume at the end of the show, and of having simply carried on without it, in his pants, onstage. His, and indeed the whole cast's handling of this mishap is to be commended for its professionalism.

The only problem with bedroom farce was that because its characters were clearly adults, well on their way to middle age, dealing with old flames, loss of libido, worrisome children etc, the university-aged cast often came across a little like exactly what they were: young adults playing middle-aged ones. While this wasn't a big problem in a comic play like this, it was noticeable, and at times a little distracting.

But Bedroom Farce was nevertheless a wholly enjoyable evening, and ideal fare for those seeking to escape the horrors of revision and exams. It's funny all the way through, and will leave you completely distracted, and most likely smiling. If you do go, would you let me know if Orlando Gibbs finds his costume?


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