Tue 31st October – Sat 4th November 2017


Laura Catherine Ferrier

at 09:46 on 1st Nov 2017



Gypsy follows the lives of an American family, centred around the evolution of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee from child backup dancer for her sister to a famous striptease artist, as well the ambition and dreaming of her mother Madame Rose. Looking at the trials and tribulations of showbiz and the strain on family relations, Gypsy was full of impressive performances, however overall didn’t quite pack a strong a punch as it could have.

Ashleigh Weir as Rose must be mentioned, as her performance was impressive. Even with microphone issues she filled the theatre and her performance of numbers such as ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’ cannot be faulted. She was stand out. Laura Pujos as Louise/Gypsy also performed well, really emphasizing the evolution of Gypsy from meek to assertive to good effect. Finally, Tom Taplin’s number and accompanying dance were amazing: really polished, entertaining and left the audience wanting far more from him.

The supporting cast also performed well, and special mention should go to the children who were part of the act at the beginning; they really seemed comfortable on the stage. The live dog also went down well with the audience.

The live music was impressive and executed well, however the musical prelude to the play and some of the interludes between scenes were slightly too long, with the audience left wondering if something had gone wrong backstage. However, the performance was a good one. The use of lighting is also worth a mention; giving the stage a very showbiz feel. Costumes were well done and looked professional.

There were technical issues with the performance. Weir was challenged with her microphone continually cutting out, and while she did cope with it very well and the audience could still hear every word, it did distract from the overall performance. Furthermore, someone’s microphone backstage was on for most of the second half, meaning dialogue was often less clear as whispering could be heard from off-stage.

Overall, it felt like there was something missing from the play as the audience was not sure who to be relating to, sympathising with or being happy for over the course of the play. When the performance itself ended, there was a slight sense of confusion as to how the characters had evolved over the course of the play and whether the relationship between Gypsy and Rose could be salvaged or not. It was as if the audience didn’t know whether to be hopeful or sad, lessening the impact of the final scene.

Gypsy is full of great performances, with musical and dance numbers that are polished and very impressive, however overall, issues such as technical faults meant the play didn’t quite hit the mark. Although the cast and crew did perform to a high standard, perhaps the stage just wasn’t quite big enough to really convey the bright lights and dark shadows of showbiz and the struggles and strains of family life.


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